Adriana S. Masuello

Handwriting Analyst

Dr. Erika M.Karohs

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Sunday Lessons Level 3
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I like to begin with this sentence that I had read somewhere.

If we read it more than one time, we will find how suitable it is.
If we consider that the act of handwriting is the effect coming from a stimulus that is originated in the brain, then there is no better phrase to describe "Graphology."


Who Am I?

Let me introduce myself.

  I was born in Argentina

I am the Honorary President of "Instituto de Grafología Analítica" (Analytical Graphology Institute) in Asturias, Spain. 

  I have received the distinction to the "Reconnaissance to the Professional Labor" from "Instituto Superior Emerson" in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  I have received the distinction to the "Contribution in the Diffusion of the Graphology Studies" from the "Universidad Iberoamericana A.C." in Mexico City, Mexico.

  I have received the title of "Member and International Advisor in the Field of Graphology" by AVEFED - Asociación Venezolana de Expertos en Firmas Escrituras y Documentos (Venezuelan Association of Experts in Signatures, Handwriting, and Documents), Venezuela.

  I am a Member of the Technical Council for the AGC - Agrupación de Grafoanalistas Consultivos de España. España

  I am the Commissioner for the AGC - Agrupación de Grafoanalistas Consultivos de España in the US. España

  I am the President of Ethic, of the SPG - Sociedad Panamericana de Grafología (Graphology PanAmerican Society)

  I am the President of CEAG® "Centros de Estudios Avanzados Grafoanalizando®" (Grafoanalizando Advanced Learning Center) in Arizona, USA.

  I am the President of GraphoRead® Publishing and Editing Co. in Arizona, USA

  I participate on TV, Magazines, News, etc, with different articles and presentations.

  I am Co-director (together with Professor Roxana E. Bidoglio) of the magazine Revista Digital Grafo Argentina.


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